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Studio Items Stolen

Dear Listeners,

Our moving truck got stolen around 4:17 am this morning, along with all my studio equipment, backup drives, instruments (even a 900 pound piano!) and all of our lifelong possession. We lost EVERYTHING.

Video of robbery in progress: http://youtu.be/BxdvglpfjBk

We are asking friends, listeners and followers to track down the truck and/or keep an eye on Craigslist/Ebay for items listed here based out of the Pacific Northwest-area. It’s very possible this items will be most likely sold outside of Seattle, given the case raised profile.

Here’s a partial list of items stolen:

Ableton Live 9
Ableton Push
AKG K-7021 headphones
Avatone Mixcubes
Beyerdynamic MC-930 mics (matched stereo pair)
BOSE Boombox waveradio
BOSS Roland RE-20
BOSS TU 12H Guitar Tuner
BOSS TU Guitar Tuner
D-Sub cables for SSL
Dave Smith Tetr4
Ekdahl Mosturizer
Electro-Harmonix Memory Man
Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
Electro-Harmonix HOG + Footswitch
Electro-Harmonix POG2
Empirical Labs FATSO
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal (2)
Ernie Ball 25K OHM Pedal
European 1-spot pedal power supply
American 1-spot pedal power supply
Eventide UltraHarmonizer 3000 SE/D
Eventide PitchFactor
Eventide Space
Fender Standard American Jazz Bass
Focusrite Platinum VoiceMaster preamp
Furman M8LX Merit Series Spike Protector (3)
Galaxy Audio In-ear monitors
Genelec 8030A
Guild Starfire III electric guitar
Guild 1979 JF4-NT acoustic guitar
Seinheiser HD-25 headphones
Seinheiser HD280 Headphones
Izotope software bundle
KORG clip-in guitar tuner
KORG MS-20 Mini
KORG NanoControllers (3)
KORG NanoKeys
KORG Wavestation A/D
Lexicon Series 200 Digital Reverberator
Lexicon Super Prime Time Delay M95
Lexicon LXP-1
Lexicon LXP-5
LG computer monitor
Mac Mini
Mac RAM + Mouse/Key
Mac USB superdrive
Mac RAM (8 gigs) for MacBook
Macbook Pro
Mac Power PC
Mastering Headphones AKG K701
MOOG Minitaur
Moogerfooger rack ears (2)
Moogerfooger Delay
MoogerFooger FreQBox
Moogerfooger LowPass Filter
MoogerFooger MIDI Murf
MoogerFooger Ring Modulator
Moogerfooger Cluster Flux
MOTU MIDI to USB interface (2)
MOTU Ultralite Hybrid
MOTU 828
Shure KSM44
Novation LaunchPad
Radial re-amp box (3)
Really Nice Leveling Amp
Redhead windshield
Roland MKS-70
Roland Space Echo
Samson Patch Bay (3)
Satechi USB hubs (2)
Seagate EXT HD (3)
Sherman Filterbank
Sennheiser Dynamic Cardioid Microphone
Soundcraft Series 200 Mixer
Stereo condenser Hydrophone
Tascam 130 Tape Player
TimeLine Delay Strymon
UAD-1 Fx card (2)
UAD-2 Apollo QUAD
UAD-2 Apollo expansion card
VOX Wah Pedal
Yamaha SPX-90
Zoom H4N

If you see any items listed anywhere, please contact the Seattle Police Department. UPDATE: Truck was found with nothing but the piano in it. The truck is a 2007 Ford 17’ U-Haul, Arizona license plate #AD29272. Officer Grayson at the SPD is handling the case. Detective Quinonez is now in charge of the investigation. Phone: 206.684.4300. Incident #2014-164711.

Thank You!

ORCAS - Yearling avail now!

A new LP as ORCAS is available now via Morr Music. You can also buy on iTunes or at your favorite local record shop.

Kind words for “The Unintentional Sea”

Tiny Mixtapes gave some praise today. Flattered. Thank You!

Get a digital copy here if you missed the LTD vinyls. 

Why buy music?

New ORCAS album comes out this April on Morr Music. Our friend and collaborator Sean Curtis Patrick made this teaser video. Enjoy!

A Young Person’s Guide To Slowdive

Over 2 1/2 hrs of my favorite Slowdive songs weaved into one continuous mix. Their music was THE soundtrack to youthful, lonely days of heartbreak and feeling out of place in this world. No other band has meant this much in my life. They never provided instant gratification to the masses; never had a “hit,” or even a proper big tour. Nevertheless, we are still listening 19 years since their last album. Enjoy!

Winter Tour Dates

I’m off to Europe this week. Below a list of upcoming concerts & workshops. Hope to see you on the road!

Ambientfestival: Zivilation Der Liebe **workshop
Basilika St. Aposteln
Cologne, DE

Ambientfestival: Zivilation Der Liebe
Basilika St. Aposteln
Cologne, DE

Substrata: London
Cafe OTO 
London, UK

Festival Spectaculare
DOX Centre for Contemporary Art 
Prague, CZ

Festival Spectaculare **workshop
Palác Akropolis 
Prague, CZ

Nu:Classic Festival
Atelier Babylon 
Bratislava, SK

The Crocodile 
Seattle, WA

In remembrance – Benjamin Curtis (1978 - 2013)


Photo by Danny Scales.

Ben and I joined the Ghostly label/family the same year (2008). We started to talk online soon after his School of Seven Bells album release. I always looked up to him, even though he was a year younger than me, he had such an amazing body of work behind him already (Tripping Daisy, Secret Machines). It was fascinating getting an email or simple message with a short congratulation or nice comment, meant a lot coming from him. At one point, he even invited me to warm up a NYC show for SVIIB. Unfortunately our paths weren’t meant to cross yet, and we wouldn’t meet in person until later that year when the band was on tour and playing in Seattle. Meeting him was like meeting an old friend you haven’t seen in a while but automatically just click as if time hadn’t passed at all. He was really nice and genuine, I felt like meeting a kindred spirit – we shared a lot of the same musical tastes/influences when it came to the noisier side of guitar music. There was mutual respect and admiration for each others’ work.

He was such a terrific musician – every time I saw him live, there was this aura of genius (he had a killer stage presence too) surrounding him. He had a very commanding persona onstage but at the same time kept cool and humble. It was such an experience witnessing the band’s concerts and most incredible watching Ben working that pedalboard and making such beautiful noise with it. I’ve read a lot of posts online in the past couple days about SVIIB and how criminally underrated they were; I feel that while the mainstream may have had a lot of catching up to do, to me he was a “musician’s musician” - someone we all (artists) admire because of the sensibility they bring to an already crowded field, a unique voice as some might say.

Ben and I always kept in touch over the years. Every time SVIIB played in Seattle, he would message and I’d come down to the show, we’d hang out, talk shop, share stories of life on the road, etc. Ben and I also corresponded via Facebook here and there, asking each other for advice on gear, fx pedals, etc – you know, music geek stuff we all love to do sometimes.

A few years ago, Ben asked me to remix one of SVIIB tracks, “Bye Bye Bye,” off their excellent Disconnect from Desire album. At the time, the band was getting some much well-deserved recognition/attention and started working with Vagrant, a much larger label than our beloved Ghostly home. I was quite honored to be involved working with the band, as I was a fan of their work since their debut and really enjoyed their music. I was amazed looking over the stems (these are the unmixed tracks of a song) and realizing how much sound Ben could generate from just one single guitar track, it was pretty impressive actually. He had such a unique style, the perfect mix of someone who was REALLY good at playing instruments technically, but restrained enough to just play what was right for the song. That maturity takes years for some, and he was already doing it early on. I remember Ben kind of having to make it a point to get my version released (it ended added as an iTunes exclusive), perhaps he thought it would have probably gotten shelved had he not been championing it. It really meant a lot, he had nothing to gain from it - a remix by some obscure techno dude won’t really make or break any sales - but he cared too much about the overall aesthetic of the band’s sound and made it a point to get it out there. That was the kind of artist he was: someone who deeply cared about his craft and wasn’t going to compromise his vision.


Last time we saw each other (which honestly feels like yesterday) we hung out at the legendary Crocodile here in Seattle, sometime in Spring 2012. We talked about all of our upcoming touring dates, joked about how we were always missing/trailing each other on the road, shared horror flight/airport stories (like explaining the folks at the security check-in what all these weird pedals and gadgets are for), etc.

I didn’t hear from him in a while, except for brief social media interactions. I figured he was just like everyone else, busy doing his thing. Little did I know it was so serious. I saw a photo he posted with some meds back in February, the day some oncology testing was happening. I sent him a brief note in support, wishing him well. A few days later, there was an official announcement and well, we all know the story. I was really rooting for him. Wish I have had the courage to be intrusive and visited while he was in the hospital – I really didn’t want to bother him or his family. I’m utterly sad, this was just too soon, although knowing the scope of his illness, I’m relieved he is no longer suffering and is at peace now. At just 35, he accomplished what most won’t in a lifetime. I’m grateful to have known him and will cherish the brief time we spent together.

I’m going to miss you Ben, thanks for all the kindness, inspiration, advice and the amazing music you gave us.

Rest in Peace

Rafael Anton Irisarri
Seattle. 2014